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We work with the following to develop their sales processes – Individual Salespeople, Sales Teams, Business Owners

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From recent studies it has been shown that 58% of companies do not have a standardised sales process for selling their products and services. The result of this is inconsistent sales results.

Our goal in delivering this training programme is to equip salespeople and business owners with the processes and systems to increase the amount of sales they make on a consistent basis and also develop their prospecting systems to improve the quantity and quality of the referrals they receive.

By equipping them with the tools to improve their performance we are able to improve the measurable results for them and also lift their confidence and personal satisfaction. 

Studies have shown that at any one time only 5-10% of your potential market are actively looking for a solution that you can provide. The other 90% whilst they may have a need for your products and services are not actively looking. This means the greatest potential for growth for your business comes from proactively working on this part of the market.