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Bug King
Bug King Pest Control
P.O Box 251300
Currently looking for connections to property managers and accommodation providers. We have some great value adds we can deliver to these markets.

Business Description

Bug King provides residential and commercial pest control services to the Auckland market (Albany to Papakura).

We are unique in the industry in that we truly understand what we sell. PEACE OF MIND. This influences the whole culture of our business. Everything we do is about delivering outstanding customer service to ensure our customers get PEACE OF MIND.

Our systems and processes are focussed on ensuring we deliver outstanding customer service from the time the customer first contacts us until we make a follow 2 weeks after completion of our treatment.  

  • Dedicated Call Centre. No other pest control business of our size offers this.
  • Monthly Net Promoter Score surveys to ensure we deliver to customer service expectations and identify training issues early.
  • Information systems that ensure there are no surprises for customers.

Bug King customers get the personalised service that only small nimble companies can offer AND the surety of large business systems and processes.


Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Approved Handler Certificate
  • Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Pest Operations