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Carwardin Limited Business Broker
26 Ashby Avenue
St Heliers
I would like to talk to business owners who want to sell their business; someone may have approached them, or they might just be curious!

What's Happening?

Business Description

I believe private business owners deserve to enjoy the full benefits of owning their own business, especially when it comes to exit.

So if you are looking to sell or buy a business I'd like to think I can help. I bring a unique mix of transaction experience and contacts with financial acumen to get you the best results.

By working closely with the business owner(s) and collaborating with existing advisors and other specialists I believe owners can identify and execute a plan of attack that will improve their outcomes.

To do this, I work with the business owner(s) to evaluate their situation and business (typically in the $1m to $20m value range) and the strategic options open to them before executing their preferred options. I can draw on over 20 years of experience as a qualified chartered accountant and being a licensed business broker allows me to execute all aspects of a sale process, if required.

Some of the strategic options could be:
- selling or buying a business (10% to 100% interests) either now or as part of a long term strategic plan.
- finding a new cornerstone shareholder (fund growth, de-risk an owners investment).
- practically managing how owners step back and introduce management
- obtaining the long term commitment of an experienced GM
- implementing best practice as businesses grow in size (corporate governance, reporting)

The main outcome of my work is that through the process an owner is comfortable that they are making the right choice for them and are maximising the value of their business.

Specialties: goal and priority setting; valuation; negotiation; facilitation; business transition; due diligence; business sales

My Recommendations

Tim assisted my husband with selling his shares in the business. I was concerned about the 'friendship' of the business partners getting in the way of the 'business transaction', so having Tim to talk with and air my concerns, was a huge help. He assisted my husband to see the 'big picture' and finalise a good outcome for everyone.

from Nicola Tohill